Most creative agencies you stumble upon are driven by a story, a vision, or a background spiel on “how we are different”. Not us, we’re driven by a motive, and it’s fairly simple; we hate advertising. It’s not every day you decide to pursue a profession you despise, but our strong repulse for today’s generic, lackluster, and force-fed advertising inspired us to combine our backgrounds in entertainment, marketing, and film to establish a creative growth agency. We produce content and strategy that consumers actually want to engage with, and growth that brands eagerly aim to reach.

At Bacon & Eggs we pride ourselves on being an organic growth agency- exceeding the limits in order to raise brand awareness by implementing the most creative and innovative means possible. Our mission is to solely create content that will have you (the consumer) picking up the phone to share your experience with not only your friends, but also your uber driver, your dentist, and your mother (but seriously you should call your mother more).

Our work aims to elicit raw emotions from consumers while connecting them with brands in an unconventional manner. We’re not here to create advertising, we are here to create entertainment that’s eloquently blended with branded content, or what we call “advertainment”. If you’re looking for an agency with an unorthodox approach and innovative strategy that gets consumers engaged and fuels growth, then wave down your server and order some Bacon & Eggs!